The Yorks

Composed of what were once four smaller communities, the towns of Cape Neddick, York Harbor, York Village and York Beach formed under one government to create this beautiful and diverse town. It is famous for its long sandy beaches, and safe, family-friendly beach-town atmosphere. As each year passes, the area becomes more of a destination for weddings, family reunions, or just a place to get away.

Nubble Lighthouse

It is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world and is a popular spot for residents and visitors alike. It has a small park with benches that make it a peaceful place to rest and reflect.

Once a summer-season-only resort area, York has become a year-round vacation destination.

The Museums of Old York maintain numerous historic buildings including Jefferds’ Tavern, the John Hancock Wharf, the Old Goal (America’s oldest jail), the Emerson-Wilcox House. This museum is located in the heart of York Village and offers lectures and special events throughout the year. It is open for tours in the summertime.

A family favorite is a visit to our zoo & amusement park. Lobstering, fishing, boat building and farming were the foundations of the economy until the late 1800s when the southern Maine coast began to attract summer visitors in large numbers.

The proximity of the Yorks to the cultural centers of Boston and New York City continue to make it one of the most sought-after places to live in southern Maine.