Plastic Bag Ban


On November 3, 2015 the voters of York voted in favor of adopting the Single-Use Plastic Carry-Out Bag Ordinance that prohibits single-use carry out plastic bags provided by retailers at checkout throughout the Town. The ordinance took effect on March 3, 2016. Handle-less bags for wet produce, meat and fish are still permitted.

Our market is working to implement these changes to make sure we are in compliance. Many of our regular farmers’ market customers already bring their own bags to market, but this will be an adjustment for others. Vendors are switching over to other options and we have a reusable farmers’ market bag that we will sell at the market beginning this summer.

We are excited that York has taken this step to reduce our collective environmental impact. More information about this initiative and ordinance is on Bring Your Own Bag’s website here:

Make sure to bring your reusable bags to the market!

Just carve out a habit and you’ll find it’s second nature. Keep your bags in your car – buy your supplies – unload in your home – clean/wash your bags – put the bags by your door or your keys – put them back in your car on your next trip out.

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