Newsletters & Eblasts

The York Region Chamber of Commerce recently transitioned from weekly newsletters to monthly newsletters. As a member you will:

Receive a Newsletter via email, featuring topics that impact businesses in the seacoast area, as well as news and information regarding upcoming events. The newsletter usually is sent out by the first of each month. Click here to view past newsletters.


Have the opportunity to advertise in a Newsletter or in an eblast:

Free to members! Share news and developments regarding your business in the member news section of the newsletter & website. If you have a basic press release, simply log in to your account at Member Login with your login & password. Scroll down to “Share”, expand that selection, find news releases and click “create”. Any problems? Call Mell Boesch, 207-363-4422.

The cost for one eblast is $75 – you supply the completed ad to us as an image file (png, jpg or gif) – file size no larger than 5.0 MB. Let us know what you’d like the Subject of the email to be and provide a link for the ad to click through to. That eblast will have no other content except your ad. You pick the date & time.