Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where can I find a calendar of upcoming events in the area?

A. You can click here to access our events calendar (this includes events put on by local chamber members and organizations) or you can click here for a printable version of major events in the area. 

Q.  I want information about the beaches in your area. Is there parking? What about public restrooms? Are there shops and restaurants nearby? Can I walk my dog there?

A. There are a few different beaches in the area. Please click here for information about the various beaches.


Q.  When is the tide high/low?

A.  You can access tide charts by clicking here.


Q.  What is the weather forecast for the Greater York Region?

A. Please click here for a local weather forecast.


Q.  When is the Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce open? Where are the satellite locations? How do I get there?

A. Hours of operation vary depending on the season. Please click here for Chamber of Commerce information.


Q.  How can I get around (or to) the York Region if I’m not traveling with a car or if I prefer to explore via public transportation?

A. There are a few different options–you can travel by taxi, trolley, bus, or train! Please click here for more information.


Q.  Where can I find wedding information? Can I get married on the beach or at the Nubble Lighthouse?

A. You can access our wedding planner by clicking here and take a look at our Frequently Asked Wedding Questions by clicking here.


Q.  Where can I park my car for a few hours or overnight?

A. The Town of York provides free parking at the end of the Spur Road. To get there from the Chamber of Commerce, go straight through the traffic light at the bottom of our driveway, go over the highway and directly ahead is the Park & Ride facility for your convenience. More information here.


Q.  Is there a public boat launch in the area?

A. There is a public boat launch into the Piscataqua River in Eliot, Maine. For more information please click here.


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